We are a small but fast growing company. Now we have offices in Belarus and United States, but we also have our representatives in Spain, China, Ukraine and Russia. We perform full cycle linguistic services for corporate and small businesses and also cooperate with other translation agencies and teams of linguists. We are specialized in medical and life science fields.

Because of our compact staff (less than 10 persons), we can quickly react on client requests and demands, market trends and other сircumstances in this rapidly changing world.

All our linguists are certified professionals who can translate/interpret both directions, but according appropriate standards we follow and they work into their native languages. As a rule, the specialized projects (ex., Oncology) are sent to the linguists, who have appropriate education and experience in this field (i.e. Oncology). All our translators and interpreters have minimum 5 year experience.

We can offer low rates because of our company is forming now and we are interested more to prove you our quality and make high-quality end products than make money. That’s why you can believe us, you can even test us. To discuss this feature, please, sent us the appropriate request via contact form or call us during our main office business hours.