Interpreting Types

Interpreting is an oral translation from one language into the other. And as for the translation, interpreting has many types that you should know before ordering this service from us!

Simultaneous Interpreting

The type of interpreting, when the interpreter is in the booth listening to the speaker’s speech via headphones and saying the translation via microphone to the audience. Simultaneous interpreters should not be always in a booth: it also can be performed when you already have the translation and you just read it along with the speaker’s speech or it can be the translation which you whisper in your client’s ear in order to provide only your client’s translation.

Consecutive Interpreting

The type of interpreting, when an interpreter says the translation after the speaker’s speech or during his/her pauses. Consecutive interpreters use a special symbol system that helps them perceive large volumes of information.

Over-the-phone Interpreting

We think it is the most popular type of interpreting today. As you may guess from the name, the interpreter provides translation via phone. Usually, it does not take long. But there are some disadvantages: the interpreter cannot see the speaker and only rely on voice patterns, not body language which usually helps interpreters a lot. Second, the background noises may disturb the interpreter’s hearing and he cannot hear the information that the speaker says.

And, of course, interpreting is divided into technical, medical, legal, etc. interpreting! When you decide which of these types of interpreting you are in need of, let us know by sending an email at or simply call us!

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