Glossary creating

A glossary is a list of terms that are used in a specific text. Translators use glossaries in order to deliver consistent translation and avoid ambiguity among the different meanings of words.

Glossaries can be divided into three types. The project glossary is used in a certain project. The company’s glossary is used in translation texts of a certain company, brand, organization. The industry glossary is used in a certain translation field of expertise (e.g. medical, marketing, automotive, general, etc.)

When creating a glossary, we make a list of abbreviations, acronyms, and specialized terms with definitions, translations, and context (where this particular word may be used). We also add a list of not to be translated so that the translator wouldn’t be confused about whether to translate this word or not.

Lingrowth can help you create and organize your own glossary (with your preferences) that will be recognizable and different from others.

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