4 Reasons Why Is It Important To Proofread?

The proofreading step is as important as the translation itself. But not every client understands it because they simply think it is a waste of time and money. And sometime later they give more money because of the errors that were found. Let us dive into the reasons why proofreading is very important?

  1. Proofreading step ensures that the document is free of linguistic errors (spelling, grammar, style, inconsistency, terminology, layout and etc).
  2. It helps understand the message. Yes, you heard me right. Proofreading removes all ambiguities in the text and clearly convey the meanings.
  3. It protects your brand. It is applied to all LSPs and freelancers, as protecting and maintaining your brand is difficult even through time. Even misspelled words can have a negative effect on your brand. That is why we recommend double checking the documents.
  4. It is cheap than you think. I mean by that that some clients think that it is unnecessary (translators should do all the checks) and it costs a great amount of money. But it surely not as expensive as the price you would pay when you deliver the text without checking).

Where can you order the proofreading services?

Lingrowth has a vast pool of proofreaders for all required languages. They are certified linguists who perform proofreading services for more than 10 years. They are competent and will make your texts and documents look amazing and understanding!

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