Translation Requirements For Medical Translations

Nowadays medical translation is one of the necessary and popular types of translation. Unlike any other translation, the medical translation should always be performed by professionals in the medical field like clinicians, doctors, and other healthcare workers. They understand the peculiarities of medical language and know how to properly use it. Any mistake in medical translation can lead to misunderstanding and some serious events. Let us look at basic and needful requirements for medical translations.

Professionals In The Medical Field Should Perform Medical Translations

Medical translators should be people who obtained the degree of the complete medical program plus a degree in Translation studies. Of course, experience in medical translation is mandatory. As for language, fluency in at least two languages is necessary. They should be aware of complex medical terminology and concepts and know cultural differences in order to convey meanings to the target audience.

Comply with local regulations

In cases of translation of clinical trials and pharmaceutical products, translators should study local regulations on the subject of medical translations. We need it in order to avoid any further problems with marketing and confidentiality policies.

Use CAT tools

Someone would disagree with this statement, but we can assure you that using CAT tools in medical translation is almost a requirement. First of all, it provides a text with consistent terminology, as it has a built-in or downloaded glossary that will show this or that term that met in the text. Second of all, it has translation memories, which means, if a similar text was included in previous materials, it will show the segments, and all you have to do is see the source text and make corrections in the target one.

Perform Quality Assurance

In medical translation quality assurance step should be well organized and performed. Translators and proofreaders should properly check punctuation, grammar, spelling, formatting either using special QA CAT tools or manually.

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