Whom to choose for your translation services: LSP translation vs Freelance translator

Projects in your business need to be translated, but you are not sure who addressed them. This article will surely help you make decisions. When choosing a language service provider (LSP translation) or freelance translator there are certainly many pros on both sides. Let us consider them in detail.

Freelance Translator Edition

  1. You reach a translator directly. A freelance translator is a many-faced person as he/she is a translator, a project manager, and a sales manager himself/herself. If you have any questions related to the quality of the translation, some queries, or payment issues, a freelance translator is right here to help you.
  2. Freelance translators are experts in their fields of expertise. Freelance translators are interested in constantly upgrading their skills. And as we sometimes say ‘a translator is a student his/her whole life’.
  3. It is up to you whether to choose this or that freelance translator. You are in charge of the hiring process: finding them on the portals, making interviews, reviewing CVs, making the final decision, and providing the translator with all the necessary project details. It takes a lot of time to do this, but it is worth the results.
  4. Freelance translators are cheaper, but this fact varies from time to time as freelance translators set their prices alone.

Language Service Provider Edition

  1. The language service provider offers you a wide range of services, along with LSP translation, such as proofreading and editing of your translation, etc. Language service providers will give you the best quality of translation.
  2. It will match you with a team of translators who are specialists in their fields of expertise and have all the necessary qualifications in order to perform high-quality translation services.
  3. You do need to worry about anything. Just provide LSP with the source text, name the field of expertise and CAT tools where a team of translators will be working, as well as the rates that you expect. And voila, the translation is ready.
  4. If you have a really large project LSP will handle large turnabouts easily as it has a team of translators and proofreaders.

The conclusion: the choice of considering a freelance translator or LSP for your projects depends on you. Both freelancers and LSPs are good at their work!

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