Reviewing Across CAT-tool

There are many CAT-tools in the translation services you can find now: MemSource, MemoQ, SDL Trados and etc. For some translators, it is easy to use them, for others — it is difficult or unnecessary. Let me introduce Across CAT-tool — the new product in the CAT-tool market.

The creator of the Across CAT-tool is Across Systems GmbH (the manufacturer of the Across Language Server which is specializing in the translation processes). The company headquarters is located in Karlsbad. The company creates translation memories, translation and terminology management as well as applications for translators. Across CAT-tool is free of charge (for students) or free basic variant (for companies and freelancers) and a chargeable premium account.

This CAT-tool is based on database servers: servers store all data centrally, but if you need to download your TM, feel free to do it. Across may translate any document format (which is very cool) plus it allows to preview the document (it helps to see the whole document). The tool installs terminology by default, so you do not need to search for every term. It integrates the application into machine translation, such as Google Translate, SYSTRAN, DeepL, KantanMT, Moses (it will boost the speed of translation). At the end of the translation, the tool will allow you to run quality assurance to make the translation concise and right.

As you can see, Across CAT-tool will become your great helper in translation, project management, and reviewing as well as benefit and boost the speed and quality of performing translation services!

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