Machine Translation in Medicine and Life Sciences

Machine translation is taking over the world of translation because it facilitates the translator’s work in addition to increased translation quality and automatization. And we use machine translationforo most domains like Legal, Marketing, Technica, etcc. And can we use machine translation clinical trials?

But can MT be applied to Medicine and Life Sciences?

Why not! Medicine and Life Sciences like any other domain are variable from terminology and linguistic characteristics that describe that or this domain. Besides, in Medicine, we use specific grammar and vocabulary and they can apply to any context.

Linguists, for example, use MT for large volume programs or campaigns that need to be translated in a short period of time and with a high percentage of consistency. It will help conduct programs or campaigns in time with no great loss.

In today’s period, specialists implement Machine Translation clinical trials. Clinical trials should be conducted every time a new drug product or medical device is released. So, it happens all the time. Most clinical trial documents have the approved layout and text. It is only needed to insert all the needed data. Using MT in clinical trials documentation saves time greatly.

Lingrowth provides Machine Translation Clinical Trials!

Lingrowth provides a spectrum of MT services, including Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) for medical and life sciences domains. Our medical linguists will handle large volumes and tight deadlines. We provide MTPE from English into Western and Eastern European as well as Asian languages. Indeed, MTPE, performed by our linguists, will enable you to reduce unnecessary costs, increase draft MT quality, and decrease performance time.

How to start?

Visit our website You will find our Home Page. Press the Get a Quote button. Fill in all the necessary information, mentioned there. Well done! You can check Lingrowth social profiles, like Linkedin. For any further information related to our services or if you have any issues please contact us at or by phone at +1-303-731-5807. Let’s ling(uistically) grow!

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