Product information translation and labeling translation: latest EMA updates

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) issued updated guidelines in June 2022 for stylistic decisions in the Quality Review of Documents (QRD) relating to product information translation. A few updates related to multilingual labeling and packaging in an effort to address some recurrent translation errors in the context of QRD compliance. What was updated? One of […]

What You Should Know About Localization Of Medical Device Products

In order for you to start and continue an international business in the Medical Devices industry, you will need a proper localization service. It will help you reach an international audience and spread your product globally across the world market. Medical Device Localization is… Medical device localization is a process of adapting content related to medical […]

What To Know About Translation Requirements for Clinical Trials

Introduction: The Importance of International Clinical Trial Translation Clinical trials are crucial to the development of new medicines. However, clinical trials are often conducted in one country and then translated into other languages for use in other countries. This can lead to confusion and misunderstanding, which can be dangerous for patients who might not understand […]

Signs That Translation Is Bad

In the previous article Signs that translation is good, we review things that make the translation good. Now let us see and discuss the signs of a bad translation in order to avoid these things in the future. The text is hard to read We mean by this thing not that the quality of the […]

Translation Memory (TM): Vital Information

What is Translation Memory (TM)? Translation Memory is a kind of library when all the previous translated words, paragraphs, and even texts are stored.  What does TM include? Translation memory consists of translated units or TUs. They include the source language and the target one. TUs can be an exact match (these are 100% match, […]

Interpreting Types

Interpreting is an oral translation from one language into the other. And as for the translation, interpreting has many types that you should know before ordering this service from us! Simultaneous Interpreting The type of interpreting, when the interpreter is in the booth listening to the speaker’s speech via headphones and saying the translation via […]

Signs That Translation Is Good

For non-linguists, any text always looks normal: terminology, punctuation, spelling, it all seems okay to them. But professional linguists notice even small inconsistencies both in form and meaning because they know the criteria of good quality translation. Let us see what things can make the translation good. Accuracy Accuracy plays an important role in translation […]

Medical Interpreting Roles

As you know, interpreting is a kind of translation of someone’s words (someone who speaks one language) into oral speech for another person who speaks a different language. Interpreting is a hard process because it takes a lot of mental effort to shift quickly from one language into the other one.  Interpreting can be simultaneous […]

The Challenges Of Subtitling

Subtitling is a kind of translation of a source text that is usually placed below the screen and is accompanied by the original video sound. Dear or hard-to-hear people use subtitles in order to be able to understand videomaterials. Creating subtitling is not an easy task and we will tell you why. Space restrictions. When […]

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