Why Do You Need Website Localization?

In the computer era, every person resides in an Internet network. They acquire new things, sell these things, exchange them for better ones. I am telling you this because it is time for YOU to make your own website and localize it to your customer’s needs. If you do not believe me, I will list […]

3 Reasons Why Is It Important To Proofread?

The proofreading step is as important as the translation itself. But not every client understands it because they simply think it is a waste of time and money. And sometime later they give more money because of the errors that were found. Let us dive into the reasons why proofreading is very important? Proofreading step […]

Happy International Translation Day!

We congratulate our linguists on this special professional holiday – International Translation Day. Our linguists are responsible, honest, brave, and intelligent. Wish you stay as you are! Here are some wishes for you: More vacations More versatile projects More interesting pieces of training and courses. More clients More connections More smiles Less mistakes Less stressful […]

Lingrowth At Your Service!

Lingrowth provides great linguistic opportunities for medical and life sciences companies. We have professional approaches to every client and will help you achieve your goals. We provide the following services: -Translation -Proofreading -Editing -Localization -Desktop publishing -Linguistic validation -Cultural consultation -Interpreting -Glossary creating and TM management For more information, you can visit our website or […]

Linguistic Services For NGOs

Turn your local goals into global ones. NGOs, Join us to spread ideas throughout the world.  World message for all people The world is rapidly changing and in some way, we do not have time for these changes. The majority of changes have a positive impact on earth’s inhabitants, but there are few that worse […]

Translation Requirements For Medical Translations

Nowadays medical translation is one of the necessary and popular types of translation. Unlike any other translation, the medical translation should always be performed by professionals in the medical field like clinicians, doctors, and other healthcare workers. They understand the peculiarities of medical language and know how to properly use it. Any mistake in medical […]

Why Linguistic Validation is important in Medical Translation?

Before starting let us consider the definition of linguistic validation. Linguistic validation is a composition of processes of checking the translation for accuracy, compatibility, design, fluency, internationalization, style, terminology, verity, locale convention, and validation by a professional in this field. Linguistic validation is widely used in medical translation, especially in clinical trials. Where Can You […]

Types of Life Sciences translation

What is Life Sciences? Life Sciences are those branches of sciences that deal with studying living beings — from microorganisms to human beings. We notice that most translation agencies use the Life Sciences field as only Medical one. We think it is not correct, because the medical field is mostly associated with studying human beings. […]

Machine Translation in Medicine and Life Sciences

Machine translation is taking over the world of translation because it facilitates the translator’s work in addition to the increased translation quality and automatization. We use machine translation to most domains like Legal, Marketing, Technical and etc.  But can MT be applied to Medicine and Life Sciences? Why not! Medicine and Life Sciences like any […]