Medical App Localization


The global company specialized in medical technology and other healthcare solutions. It was founded in Ireland and operates in different corners of the world now. They innovate, advance, and implement various medical technology to make everyday life easier.


The client requested a Medical App Localization service from English into Russian. It included localization of an app that helps doctors assess the diabetes patient condition and keep records and their patients track the course of diabetes. App localization requires translation, proofreading, and editing of the app content (interface) as well as testing. At the end of TEP,  the client provided the draft app for us to test the content so that everything would be in order.


We hired independent linguists who specialize in medical devices to work on this project. The first linguist performed forward translation from English into Russian using TM and glossaries provided by the client. Then, the second linguist proofread the texts to make sure there were no grammar and spelling errors. After that, the third linguist made editing remarks, so that the text was accurate and sounded authentically as well as understandable for both doctors and patients. Again, to make sure the translation was of high quality, we performed QA checking with an automated QA tool. The final step was to test the translations in the draft app. Our fourth linguist performed it carefully, the linguist make sure the formatting was suitable, there were no other symbols visible on the screen, every page would open and the text itself reflected the meanings that were on the screen.


The Lingrowth Team met all the requirements that the client requested. The client was delighted to see the complex project to be thoroughly performed. Medical App Localization made it possible for many doctors and their patients to keep diabetes in hand and take care of their condition. The app will be updated, that is why Lingrowth expects the further performance of this project.

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