Manual Linguistic Validation


One of the biggest providers of medical services including language services. The company was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1990.


The client requested the services of translation and linguistic validation of the CVLT Manual (California Verbal Learning Test) from English to Russian and Belarussian. The project should be done in 5 steps: backward translation and review, clinician review of the translation, proofreading, final check of the translation, update of the translation.


The initial translation was made by the client. That is why our native Russian and Belarussian linguists reviewed the documents. For the clinician review, we hired a speech therapist (His native languages are Russian and Belarussian)  to review the translation. Then we responded to the clinician’s comments. The next step was to proofread all the documents. It was made by our proofreader who has more than 10-years’ experience in medical translation. Finally, we perform QA of the translation and if needed implemented changes.


The documents were delivered and approved by the client. The client thanked us for our collaboration. He notes that the service was well-performed with keeping up to deadlines, so it didn’t slow down the following steps in this work. Such documents will help to implement new technologies in Russian and Belarussian speech therapy in the future.

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